Installation policy

  1. The company guarantees the installation works and the location’s systems done by the company’s technicians for 1 month from the finishing date of installation.

  2. Installation works can be reconfigured should the product fails to function properly for free within the 1 month installation warranty.

  3. The warranty does not cover:

         3.1 Additional works that are not part of the confirmed designs.
         3.2 Additional works done by customers afterwards.
         3.3 Improper machine or system maintenance.
         3.4 Effects from foreman’s works or other relevant constructions.
         3.5 Installations done by Customers resulting in damages.
         3.6 Damages caused by Customers unprepared systems.

  4. Customers must inspect and confirm the readiness of the location and it’s systems before the installations. If the location is not ready for the installation, customers shall pay for extra installation cost, starting at 1,000 baht.
  5. Should the installation schedule be postponed, please inform the company at least 24 hours before the original date. Failing to do so will result in extra fees charged.

  6. If the installation team has reached the appointed destination, date and time but unable to contact the customers, the company reserves the right to suspend the installation works until new installation date has been appointed by the customers.

Locations and basic systems standards

Customers must ensure that all the systems related to the installations are ready as followed:

  • Gas system
  • Electrical system
  • Electrical system
  • Water Outlets
  • Ball valve size
  • Ball valve size
  • Breaker size
  • Distance
  • Ball valve sizeDistance 
  • Pipe size
  • Distance
  • ball valve
  • Less than 3 meters gapAs per machine’s spec
  • Less than 3 meters gapball valveLess than 3 meters gap
  • Less than 3 meters gap ball valve

          1. Standard equipments required are: Bronze pipes: 3 meters length, Power cables: 1-3 meters length.

          2. Water inlet pressure: 2 bars

          3. If the gap and prepared equipments do not meet the installation requirements, customers must inform the company in advance and must purchase prepared equipments from the company. 7. 75 Distributor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to changethese terms and conditions at any time without prior notice