Delivery and shipping policy

  1. Product will be delivered from Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays) 9:00 – 16:00. Customers will receive phone calls for delivery appointment.
  2. Free delivery charge for order amount 5,000 baht or more within Bangkok, Phuket and Samui area.
  3. Free delivery charge for order amount 10,000 baht or more within 50 kilometers from company’s locations.
  4. For order amount less than 5,000 baht, the company reserves the right to charge the delivery cost according to product’s actual weight and/or volume before the delivery.
  5. Customers are responsible for additional cost such as wooden palette, ferry fare etc.
  6. For fragile products, Customers are responsible for wooden palette cost for extra protection. Should the customers opt out for extra protection methods, the company reserves the right to deny responsibility to any damages that may occur afterwards.
  7. In case of provincial area delivery, the company will charge as followed:

            7.1 By company’s pick-up truck, 12 baht/kilometer from the distributing hub to the destination.
            7.2 By public transport, the actual transport fare will be charged.
  8. Delivery outside operation time will cost extra 3,000 baht or as the company sees fit.
  9. If the product’s designated location is more than 50 meters away from the parking lot and/or on different level of building, the company reserves the right charge additional cost as see fit.

  10. Delivery within Thailand only.
  11. In case International delivery is in order, the company will provide relevant invoices and other documents as required by the customers and the customers must procure their own transportation and all other risks that may occur to the products including damages, customs clearance, VAT, duties and other expenses applicable by law on their own accord.

  12. Delivery time:     

  13.         12.1 If the product is ready for shipment, the product will be delivered within 1-3 working days (Monday to Saturday. Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) after Order Confirmation has been received for credit customers or paid in full.
            12.2 For imported product, the product will be delivered within 60-120 days after the company has received 30% deposit and Order Confirmation has been received or as indicated on purchasing documents.     
            12.3 The company reserves the right to extend the delivery time as indicated in article 12.1 and 12.2 and also denies any responsibility to loss or damages caused by:
                 1. Actions or negligent by any individuals not involved with the purchasing contract such as manufacturer, recipient, third-person, customs or government officials etc.
                 2. Acts of God including all unexpected events such as protests, strikes, riots, terrorist acts, wars (whether declared or not) or war preparations, fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, land collapsing, plagues or other natural disasters and plagues etc.
  14. If the delivery order has been signed and the cargo has been received by the customers, the company reserves the right to deny any further complaints regarding missing or damaged cargo.

  15. If the cargo has reached the appointed destination, date and time but unable to deliver to the customers and must reappoint for the next delivery schedule, the company will charge transportation cost from the actual distance traveled.

  16. 75 Distributor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior.