When it comes to preparing your kitchen for service, a professional caterer understands that using food preparation equipment is an efficient use of time. Not only that, a uniform approach to the appearance and consistency of your vegetables and meats can make all the difference when the food is served.

We also stock cooking equipment like a sous vide machine that cooks at the most accurate temperatures. A reliable, high quality appliance can save time and money as well as reduce food waste in the kitchen. Ideal for cafes, pubs, bars, hotels, care homes or restaurants, the extensive range includes food processors, blenders, mixers, mincers, slicers and ice cream makers. The range also includes vacuum packing machines, which are perfect for storing food and packing ready for the popular sous vide cooking.

Food processors

Grinders & graters

Vegetable preparation equipment 

Meat preparation equipment

Food Blenders

Hand mixers

Pasta machines

Can openers & crushers

Vacuum packing machines 

Sous vide machines 



29 July 2020

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