Category: Conveyor toasters
Product Code : ROL1-CT3000 B
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23 January 2020

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  • Ideal for intensive use in bakery, fast-food chains and franchises !
  • Minimal cooking time: 47 s / Maximal cooking time: 2,30 min.
  • Non-stop cooking with no preheating for every snack: 1’30 min in average !
  • Reheating of waffles, croissants and pastries.
  • Warm keeping on the holed top tray.
  • Great flexibility, 3 regulations:
  • - The speed of the conveyor belt according to the products
  • - The heating power (half or full power)
  • - The height of the tunnel from 7 to 11 cm thanks to the reflectors
  • Very compact (72 cm), stackable, a remote control box (1 m long cord).
  • Easy cleaning: he roof and both trays collectors are completely removable.
  • Features: 8 infrared quartz tubes (1550 W on top, 1450 W on bottom) with Protection grid (patented), roof as snack support, quartz tubes selector, speed control, stainless steel conveyor belt, front and back trays of 15 cm, pilot lights, ventilated motors, adjustable feet, small cleaning brush for conveyor belt.
  • Option: stainless steel support (475 x 360 x 300 mm)
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Dimension W470 x D720 x H385mm
Cooking surface 300 x 370mm
Power 220V / 50Hz / 3000W
Weight 22Kg
Warranty 1 year
Made in  France
Instructions for use and Installation
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